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The Q&A in the center column consists of typical questions Drew has been asked throughout his career.

Obviously we can't post every question, so don't hesitate to ask us anything we didn't cover.

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Hopefully your questions have been answered here. For the questions you don't know to ask, rely on your vendor's experience and knowledge to guide you.

Placement of your DJ in relationship to the room is another factor in a successful event. Plan to have your DJ close to the dance floor so speaker coverage is most effective.



How far in advance should we book a DJ?

Sooner the better. With quality vendors the popular dates will be booked a year or more in advance.

How do we secure your service?

A signed contract and reservation fee will secure the date.

When is the balance due?

Preferably before, but no later than the day of your event

Do you accept credit cards?

Sorry, not at this time. Cash, checks or money orders are accepted.

Do you charge for set-up?

No, you are not charged for set-up in normal situations
(unless requested to set-up several hours in advance).

How long does it take to set up?

In most situations about 30 – 40 minutes.

How does overtime work?

Overtime is available in advance or on the spot. It is offered in 30 – 60 minute increments.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, some venues and banquet facilities require it of vendors.

Can you provide music for the ceremony?

Yes, I have an additional ceremony system complete with wireless mics.

How do you dress for an event?

A nice suit or tux. Your choice.

What music format do you use?

I am currently all compact disc but I am seriously considering computer in the near future.

Can we select music to be played?

Absolutely! I encourage it. A music list is provided.

Can we bring CDs for you to play?

Sure, I am happy to play your music and will return it before the end of the event.

Do you take requests from guests?

Definitely, I encourage requests as long as they stay within the client’s musical parameters.

Do you take any breaks?

No, I provide a continuous sound show.

Do you handle announcements and introductions?

Yes, I am there as your DJ and Emcee.

What happens if a piece of equipment malfunctions?

I bring a complete back-up system just in case. (see our Equipment page)

What if you get sick and can’t perform?

In all of my 20 years in the business I have never missed an event. However, I am a member of a exclusive professional disc jockey association and you would be assured of a DJ replacement of the same high caliber.

Can we see you perform at an event?

Generally not. I respect the Bride and Groom and would not ask them if a visitor can drop in. I give 110% to my client on their day!

How can we get a feel for what you do?

I highly recommend setting up a personal meeting that lasts about an hour. I can describe my services and answer any questions you may have. It is the best way to get to know one another and see if we click! Additionally I invite you to tune into my weekly radio program (see our On The Air page) to my vocal delivery.

How do we go about setting up that meeting?

Call me at 858-277-6609. I look forward to hearing from you soon!